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Visio Introduction

Create all types of diagrams, from Flowcharts of a Process to Organisation Charts. From Office Floorplans to Directional Maps.

Typical subjects for the course would be as below. All aspects of any course can be tailored to suit your needs and the experience that you already have.

  • Using stencils
  • Manipulating Shapes
  • Adding text to Shapes
  • Formatting Text and Shapes
  • Align & Distribute Shapes in straight lines
  • Insert Pictures
  • Create and link pages together
  • Flowcharts / 'Swim Lanes' / Org. Charts

Visio Advanced

  • Create your own custom shapes
  • Create your own Stencils
  • Using Styles
  • Using Layers to make building a process easier
  • Create Computer Network diagrams
  • Adding custom properties to shapes
  • Create Web Pages from diagrams